The New Spleene SPX2
Improving a test winner has never been an easy task, especially if there are clear intentions to expand its distinctive character. We can be rightly proud of having improved its low-end performance significantly while even increasing its depower at high end wind. In addition special attention has been turned to the release. Now there’s much more time for unhooked tricks. The remaining question is whether you can combine all these features?

You can. With new profiles and sophisticated aerodynamics. Anyhow, after a few meters of kiting it’s clear: It’s always an SP-X. This particularly applies to its maneuverability, agility and bar feeling. All the same, the new SP-X II is much easier in handling than its predecessor. This is essential even for the most advanced kiter, if he wants to improve his own skills, rather than concentrating on his material, all the time.
+ 4-Line Setup
+ New one point inflation system
+ IN/OUT Center Valve with big diameter for easy pumping. One way valve
+ Hybrid Shape with wider wingtips for perfect C-Kite-Barhandling
+ Short bridle
+ New profile for more power at low winds and extended windrange at high end
+ Battens at the trailing edge for a solid profile. Working perfect in narrow turns
+ Ultra lightweight construction. Usage of very different kind of canopys at all stress points
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